Baby’s 1st Smash Cake! (video tutorial!)

I decided to make Riley a healthy, low sugar and homemade birthday cake for her 1st birthday! This recipe is easy and yummy. I made a video tutorial for you guys just incase you want to know how to make it as well!

Please note *if making two small 9 inch pans instead of one big one, reduce the cooking time to 35-40mins at 350 degrees*

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15 thoughts on “Baby’s 1st Smash Cake! (video tutorial!)

  1. Ayesha! I’m only 17 and obviously not a wife or mother, but you just inspire me so much! I don’t know of very many women who are so considerate of the health benefits in a CAKE for their child’s 1st birthday! It really shows how much you care!
    Also, I don’t usually like fruits inside cakes and such, but this looks absolutely delicious!! Ill definitely be making this for breakfast sometime soon! Thanks again, Yarhiel (:

  2. Great video and great cake recipe! You should have a cooking show on Food Network. Your personality and love of cooking really shines through. Good job!

  3. Wow a recipe I can even make for breakfast or for my mom who is Diabetic. Thanks for the great easy multi- purpose Recipe Ayesha! And yes we need to have you on food network! You said you weren’t the best baker but you did an absolutely perfect job to me.

  4. I think thats a really good idea! I dont know why you say you are not a good baker because it looks like you are great! I made a banana cake once but yours turned out perfect. Wish Riley a very happy 1st birthday!

  5. Also I had one question. Even though I eat eggs, my parents do not. So do you know of any good eggless cake recipe? because my cakes just do not rise and turn out right without the eggs. Thanks!

  6. This is a great! I think I’ll try this for breakfast. I usually eat oatmeal with bananas and honey for breakfast so this will be a great addition. Enjoyed the video. Hoping for more. Also, happy 1st birthday Riley!

  7. My sons 1st birthday was last month and I did not even think of making the cake.. Which it’s such a good idea.. It will just have to wait for next year. Bummer. Thanks for sharing this video.. And the super easy to make healthy cake. Because I’m not a baker myself either!! Lol

  8. OK I’m making this! Thank you for being so inspiring Ayesha! Its funny the folks we take to! Thank you for sharing so much!

  9. Aww, seeing this video was just so sweet. Your passion for cooking does shine through. It also warms my heart to see how much you have evolved into such a beautiful young woman, and now mom to sweet Riley. Ayesha, the Lord has greatly blessed your life (which I know you know 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this with us all.

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