Another Target Post


Hey guys!

The weather has been fantastic here in the bay lately, so I decided to pick up some fun spring outfits for Riley! Naturally, I went to Target! They currently have the most adorable mix and match pieces. I got a couple of colored lace shorts and cute tanks for her at $8 and $12 a piece. Not bad right?

Just wanted to share with you guys in case you were on the hunt for some cute spring baby apparel! Have a great weekend. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Another Target Post

  1. 👇👇 I can’t with that comment. Cute outfit. I have an almost four month old baby boy and we love targets clothes!! I enjoy readying your blog and I’m super excited about trying allll of your recipes. 🙂 I recently began blogging and you’re one of the people that inspired me to do so. Please check out my blog and spread the word (motheringfromwithin) my name on Instagram is also motheringfromwithin. Thank you and I look forward to reading more of your posts and I hope you enjoy mine. Mommy to mommy!xoxo

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