Here is a little video I took of Riley playing basketball with her dada after the win last night! You’ve got to start them early people! (Kidding) … My true dream would be for Riley to be an equestrian and take after her grandma and auntie and play volleyball 😉 … We’ll leave that up to her to decide though. Click the link below. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “FUNdamentals!

  1. That is just so adorable! I love that is has found her little voice! She loves her daddy! Thanks for sharing fun photos and things. It is great to be able to keep up with her. She will change so quickly! Enjoy your day!

  2. I love your blog so far! You inspired me to start my own lifestyle blog! I too am a young wife (23) who has had to re-evaluate my career path and so much more over the past few years! I look forward to keeping up with you. Take care Ayesha!

    Cassandra M.

  3. So cute! She will be a baller in no time!! And she will rock at volleyball too! She will take after both of her wonderful parents.

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