My “Better Than Bacon” Bacon

I am always looking for ways to spruce up our household favorites.This addictive to the bacon sends its over the top. I could eat an entire pan by myself! Try it and let me know what you think! Here’s the recipe… (comment below)

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees.

Align your bacon on a baking sheet

sprinkle with black pepper (1 tsp for entire pan)  and brown sugar( 1 tbs for the entire pan)

Bake for about 10 mins


This simple and delicious recipe will change your world when it comes to bacon. Baking it in the oven also reduces the splatter when cooking it! Yummy!


DSC01080 DSC01087

6 thoughts on “My “Better Than Bacon” Bacon

  1. Have you been to sweet maple in San Francisco? If you haven’t, you should try their millionaire’s bacon! So delicious!

  2. My aunt did that for one of the dishes at my uncle’s birthday party! Really makes the bacon 20x more delicious than it already is!

  3. Finally tried it, DELISH! I modified it because of my diabetes. Used Agave syrup instead of brown sugar and wrapped it with romaine lettuce. Yummo! Thanks for the recipe Ayesha! You motivate me to be a more creative cook =)

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