36 Hours in Salt Lake City! Part 1

After leaving Houston,TX we hopped on another plane with baby in tow and went to Salt Lake City, UT. Though our trip was a short 36  hours, we had a blast. Riley even got to experience snow for the first time! Needless to say, she LOVED it. I actually didn’t expect her to start playing with it right away, but she did. I was a proud mama! The view from our room was incredible and the hotel we stayed at was historically beautiful. I would definitely go back for a winter vacation. Has anyone stayed at any of the ski resorts in Salt Lake? Tried any of the outdoor heated pools? What is that like? I’ve always wanted to swim in freezing weather (No, really). Definitely on my bucket list. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as we did taking them!  (Stay tuned for part 2!)

DSC00780 DSC00783 DSC00790 DSC00797 DSC00800 DSC00805 DSC00808

Oh Hey “Dada!”


3 thoughts on “36 Hours in Salt Lake City! Part 1

  1. Ayesha, I was in Salt Lake for a conference during Sundance a couple years ago. We went to Park City and it is so beautiful, it was like you were in some small foreign village, very cold but beautiful. I did not go for skiing, do not and will not ski but the slopes were phenomenal to see. We also had dinner at a beautiful venue that is often used for weddings. I was there in late January and did not get to see the snow and ice until we got into the mountains. I stayed closer to downtown in a Kimpton owned hotel that was really nice and sort of a boutique hotel. Loved seeing Riley in the snow. She is such a loving and pleasant child…much like her Dad was at that age. Glad you all enjoyed yourself.

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