Grape Date

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had an incredible weekend. I wanted to share some photos from a couple weekends ago with you all. Our new home has a very small vineyard, and the grapes were more than ready to be picked and sent off to make yummy (hopefully) wine! Well, we have absolutely no idea how to take care of, harvest or manicure both the vines and the grapes, but we’re slowly learning. The previous owners of the home (and our new friends) were gracious enough to show us how it’s all done. They came over with their wonderful daughters and picked and de- stemmed all of the grapes! It was a sticky but tasty process. I helped a tiny bit while Riley thoroughly enjoyed eating the grapes straight off of the stem. I can’t wait until next year when we get to do it all over again! Here are a couple of photos for now. Enjoy!


Taco Night feat. Laughing Glass

Hi Everyone!

We had our first official taco night at our new home last week. We had such a blast. Riley is finally on an early bedtime routine, so it is so refreshing to have that little bit of time in the evening to enjoy dinner and cocktails with each other (occasionally).

We had great music flowing through the home, yummy tacos with all of the fixins  and even better margaritas!

The new company Laughing Glass was kind enough to send me a bottle of their delicious all natural margarita. It’s made with agave, fresh lime and tequila. Everything you could ask for in a cocktail. The added bonus??? It’s ONLY 100 calories per glass!!! Incredible. It truly is delicious.

I served my margaritas over ice in cane-sugar rimmed mason jars. Here are a couple of photos and videos from our fun night. Enjoy!

… and thank you Laughing Glass!

IMG_0558IMG_0600IMG_0571 IMG_0587 IMG_0590 IMG_0602

* Laughing Glass gifted me a bottle of their margarita. I was not compensated in any way for this post and all of the opinions are my own.*

Pigtails and Taco Night

Hi Everyone

I hope you all had an amazing weekend. We were finally able to spend a nice relaxing full weekend at HOME. It was magical and much needed. I felt like we’d been traveling the entire summer, it was nice to just  watch TV and get some laundry done. We also did a couple of fun things like a trip to the park and our first  “curry taco night.” I will be posting a few pictures of that night at some point this week. For now here are a couple of pictures of Riley with her adorable mini pigtails and some fun vine videos from over the weekend. Enjoy!


IMG_0615 IMG_0621


Upright Roasted Chicken

Hi Everyone!

I hope you’ve all been well during my extremely long hiatus! First of all we’ve been moving into our new home (which we’re loving), and second we just got all our utilities hooked up today. Yikes!

With that being said i’ve been cooking ALOT this past week and was able to have my camera handy for all of it. I’ll be posting a few delicious recipes this coming week. I wanted to share this awesome chicken recipe I came up with for you guys! I stumbled upon this super cool roasting dish at World Market. It’s made specifically for roasting a whole chicken and has a little dish in the center that you can fill with a liquid of your choice in order to ensure you get the juciest roast chicken known to man! In my case I chose wine (naturally), and it was wonderful! Enjoy!

P.s- the roasting dish cost $19 🙂


1 Whole “fryer” chicken (it means that it’s been cleaned out ;))

1 stick of butter

2 lemons

zest of two lemons

fresh rosemary

1/2 teaspoon minced garlic

1 cup of white wine (sauvignon blanc in my case)

salt and pepper to taste

Potatoes and Carrots (enough to coat the bottom of the dish)



Make sure your chicken is completely dry (simply pat with paper towel). In a bowl combine room temperature butter, chopped fresh rosemary, garlic, lemon zest and salt. Mix together. This creates a yummy spread/coating for the chicken. Fill the center of the dish with the 1 cup of wine and place the cavity of the chicken over top so that it sits upright.  Rub the mixture all over the chicken using your hands (its going to be messy!). In another bowl coat your chopped carrots and potatoes with a tiny bit of olive oil and fresh ground black pepper. Place the chicken and veggies in a 425 degree oven for about an hour or until golden brown. Eat to your hearts content. Enjoy!!!

IMG_0406 IMG_0415 IMG_0438 IMG_0445 IMG_0475 IMG_0481 IMG_0483 IMG_0495 IMG_0500

One is FUN!

Riley is now a professional 1 year old! Well, she’s 4 weeks in. I have to say that since her first birthday passed i’ve noticed a change in her! She’s become even more adventurous, daring and extremely inquisitive. She’s learned how to do exactly what she needs to do in order to get what she wants and it is nothing short of hysterical! 

We are absolutely enjoying the one year old Riley. Welcome to a fun, vibrant, exciting and memorable year! I can already tell that we are going to have an absolute blast.

Here are some fun moments from the weekend. Enjoy! 


New “Lights” On The Horizon!

Hi Everyone! 

I know it’s been a while since my last post so I wanted to give you an update and let you know what’s been going on as of late. We are in the process of getting settled back in The Bay after the season hiatus. Not only that but we are also relocating in The Bay as well! (Can’t say where, sorry!) With that being said, I am extremely excited but also extremely busy. Swamped really. 

I am going to continue to post throughout our move, about once a week for the next 3 weeks until we are settled into our new place! You can follow me on instagram: ishiboolovesyou or check my twitter: @ayeshacurry for smaller and more frequent updates. 

I want to make sure that I give my readers quality and not quantity when it comes to this blog. 

I also wanted to announce that I am currently working with a wonderful blog designer to redesign my site and make it better for you guys! I can’t wait for you all to see the final product! 



Bang Bang Shrimp!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I wanted to kickstart this week with one of my faves! It’s called bang bang shrimp, and it super delicious and easy to make. My version of this shrimp is different from your average because I add in both fresh and flash fried granny smith apple! I hope you like it.



2 lbs of peeled and deveined raw shrimp (tails off)

1 lime

1/4 cup of cornstarch (give or take)

pinch of salt

pinch of pepper

1 Granny Smith apple cored, peeled and chopped

Canola oil  (12 -160z bottle)

1/4 cup of sweet chili sauce

1/2 cup of mayonnaise

1-2tablespoons of sriracha hot sauce (depending on how spicy you want it)


Start out by rinsing your shrimp and coating with the juice of 1 fresh lime. In a bowl mix your salt,pepper and corn starch. Add in your shrimp and chopped apple into the cornstarch mixture and mix making sure each piece is fully coated (get rid of any excess cornstarch). Heat your canola oil in a pot on med high- high (canola oil is a high heat oil perfect for frying). When the oil is hot carefully put the apples and shrimp into the oil and fry for 3-4 mins until shrimp is pink and golden brown. Place the shrimp on a paper towel coated plate to get rid of any excess oil.

To make the sauce you simply combine the mayo,sweet chili sauce and sriracha in a bowl.

Add in the shrimp and mix until the shrimp is completely coated in the sauce. you can garnish with fresh apples to add a little bite and chopped scallions, if you’d like.  This would be great as the filler for a lettuce wrap as well!

Perfect appetizer!!!! Enjoy!

DSC02320 DSC02324 DSC02327 DSC02329 DSC02331 DSC02332 DSC02347 DSC02349

Coveted Cuff

I’m always on the hunt for a great bargain. I’d been wanting an ear cuff but after a little bit of research I found that the ones that appealed to me cost upwards of $150. Yeah not happening. FINALLY I stumbled across this great ear cuff from ZARA for $16 bucks! SCORE! The colors are perfect, it fit my ear comfortably, and wasn’t extremely over the top. If you’re on the hunt for an ear cuff today is your lucky day!

These are some pictures of me wearing the cuff. I was on my way to the Beyonce concert (which btw was amazing)



The Cuff

The Cuff





5 Years ago I fell in love with the most wonderful boy in the world. We’ve been through the most amazing times together, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve watched him grow into the most amazing man, husband and now father. He’s my absolute best friend, and when there’s been bad times he’s been there to help me and support me every step of the way. Everything good, beautiful and pure in my life leads to my husband. He is my happiness. A lot of women now a days are quick to say they don’t need a man and they are their own woman. I am here to say that I have my own identity, but I need my husband. He fills the hole in my heart and treats me like a queen. He’s my therapist when I need to vent, and my conscience when i’m in a rut. He’s my golf partner, my shopping buddy and my meal tester. He’s my encourager, my human pillow, but also the reason for my temper tantrums(all the wives know what i’m talking about). He’s God fearing, God loving and my companion in worship. He has the patience and compassion of a saint. I sometimes don’t understand how he stays so calm in all situations, but I do appreciate it. I love my husband more than words can describe and with each day, each memory, each trial and each laugh my love grows stronger. I am more in love with him today than I was 5 years ago. Today we celebrate 2 years of marriage and a lifetime to look forward to.  Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful man in the world. I love you!